Holistic Hero

Compassionate and personalized care for each animal

Your companion will get the best quality of care emphasizing a proactive, natural approach.

Holistic Approach

As a holistic practice we believe in personalized, compassionate care for each individual patient. We emphasize a proactive approach in the care of your companion animal. Dr. Winikoff’s methodology encompasses both Eastern and Western traditional medicine. We are passionate in the treatment and prevention of illness. Our goal is preserving the wellness of your companion animal.

We are a single doctor practice providing a continuum of care that cannot be received through multiple doctor practices. Dr. Winikoff provides care from the beginning of your companion’s life through the end. She specializes in care for terminally ill, geriatric, and companion animals with cancer. Let us be the place to turn when you’re looking for alternative answers or a more compassionate/less pharmaceutical approach to healthcare. We also offer routine blood tests, radiology, surgery, dental care and vaccinations when indicated.

Let us provide your pet with longevity and quality of life:

  •   Medicine
  •   Surgery
  •   Acupuncture
  •   Homeopathy
  •   Nutrition
  •   Herbs
  •   Behavior consultation
  •   Geriatric care

Our Policies

  • We will not declaw any cat but we will treat cats that have been declawed elsewhere
  •   We will not crop ears or dock tails of dogs for cosmetic purposes
  •   We will not euthanize any animal unless it is in the animal's best interest or that of the family
  • We will offer the best advice and care options possible for each individual patient based on needs and abilities
  •   We will provide guidance and care throughout, especially but not limited to difficult decisions of life quality
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